love light

By lrw

Out West, part 2

What a difficult decision today's image is! I am starting the second leg of my "out west" adventure today. Karin has flown home and my youngest daughter, Tessa, has flown out to meet me. She and I are going to do a week of cat skiing* (more on that later). As to this image. Yes, another mountain scene. I might have shown an image of Tessa knitting in the car as we waited for the ferry (from which I took this image) but it was kind of blurry. Besides, if you are like me, you can never get enough of the mountains ;)

*cat skiing: more properly known as snow-cat skiing. It's kind of like heli-skiing but instead of using a helicopter to get you to the top of the mountains, you use a specially outfitted snow-cat, one of those machines used to groom the snow at ski resorts. You might get to see one in an upcoming day. 

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