love light

By lrw


While away in February, our driveway and garages flooded during a bit of a thaw. This is common in February to have a bit of a thaw but this year we were away and our neighbour was away (we share the driveway with them). So no one took care of the snow. It melted and flooded our garages and backyard (earlier blips showed the delightful skating rink we got out of it. But this is the other side of the problem. 

I'm not sure it shows all that well but my motorcycle is stuck in about 10cm of ice. That does not matter much as I would never ride it this early in the season but there are other things we store in the garage which are either stuck in the ice or cannot be put in the garage because of the ice. 

Well, I got the door open today finally as the ice has been receding. And with plus temps the next few days maybe it will clear up completely. Fingers crossed?

And in other news, I continue to work through backblips. I think March is complete and I'm nearly finished February. 

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