By hrubieszowianka

New purchase

Hanna wanted a body board and it is nearly after season, at least in the retail sense. A week ago we saw a pink one, with Barbie on it, and that's the one she was after. And how about my negotiation skills? I convinced a 5 year old to get a Batman board!

Well, I must admit the shop we went to didn't have any others and we were told we were very lucky to have found this last one.

Immediately we went to the beach and were very dissapointed, as it was too windy to get into the water. There were 2 surfer dudes on their bigger body boards and in wet suits, but we stayed on the beach. Mr H Attenpted a run and I sat on a towel, wrapped with another towel and watched Hanna build sandcastles.

It's not that we live on the beach, this is just the nicest part of the day. We also do loads of boring and necessary things, like getting driving licences, registering for medical services, food shopping, re-charging my pre-paid wireless broadband, which costs me an arm and a leg, as I paid for usage (GB not time). This stops me from looking at all blips I'd like to and uploading more photos for friends and family to see. One day I'll have a normal house with a phone landline and normal broadband. One day in not so distant future.

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