simple moments

By simplemoments

the warrior...

...has fallen

it’s taken a while - but it finally happened - and i must admit - i feel a bit heart broken - i mean, i truly was beginning to believe - this tiny blossom was going - to defy the odds - and remain on my - orchid plant indefinitely - even though intellectually - i knew that wasn’t possible - i knew there would come - a day i would find it fallen

yet i had given it the - title ‘warrior’ because it’s gone through - so much with me - withstood so many things which - would have, or should have - admittedly killed it off - but it stood tall in spite of everything - setting an example for an unlikely human - like me and then new growth - began sprouting around it - giving new hope once again

now this morning - the warrior fell - or perhaps it was during the - night hours - still fresh though so i could - capture the bloom one last time - in all its pinkish glory - a remembrance of how brave - it was in the face of hardship - a reminder to never give up - to stand tall as warriors always do - in the face of battle - knowing we can count on...


happy day.....

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