Northern Star

By Lifferz

Keeping Busy

I found this little lady when I was clearing some branches and twigs from the mess that is the old veg plot. She was cool about just staying where she was for s while so I got a few shots on my phone. Over the last couple of years MrH has used the area to dump garden waste in and it’s become and unmanageable mound of stuff. It’s about 3ft high in just roots and twigs (sigh). I’d like to transform it into something that is just neat, nothing special as such but just something that doesn’t make my heart sink when I see it.

Kept myself busy today which involved planting out a herb pot, planting some tomatoes (4 plants this year - 1 cherry, 1 Shirley, 1 large orange and 1 red and black) it’s inevitable that I’m never here to enjoy tomatoes when the crop is the heaviest but I love growing them and the smell of the leaves, for me, is divine!

Today I did lots of composting, moved a greenhouse, held a greenhouse whilst it was repaired, untangled myself and my clothing from brambles countless times, cut back lots of ivy and had a big fire to burn all the woody mess that was created.

Today I’ve also planted out some broad beans for the first time in years and I’m hoping they fare better than the last lot which were not as big a crop as I expected.
Day started off sunny and the soil was actually warm. It’s been grey and cool later in the afternoon and had that feeling it could rain at any moment.

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