Super Stonebridges

So this is a large part of my Mum's side of the family, her sister Shirley's husband and children together with my Mum's.   The picture includes my lovely cousins  including, first cousins. second cousins and cousins once removed. 

Sadly my Mum died at the end of 2017 and her sister is in a residential nursing home, both had/have Alzheimer's.

We spent every Christmas Day at the Stonebridges for at least a decade until the families expanded beyond feasibility.  Then after seeing many of them at my Mum's funeral I thought - as the years flash past faster and faster - we needed to try and get together for a happier occasion.

It was so so nice to see them and fantastic to catch up.  Happily all my cousins and most of the children were able to make it.  

Don't we make a splendid bunch?

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