By Bella888

J’adore 1- Mary Quant at the V&A

We arrived at Waterloo on the ‘extra slow’ train (engineering works). Rushed via the District & Jubilee Lines, getting to South Ken bang on 12. Met bro and sis-in-law and cousin A in the Members’ Lounge and then made our way to the Mary Quant.

Fortunately (you’ll see why in a mo), A&C decided they wanted us to see the DIOR first (they’d been before). It was breath-taking. The presentation, lighting, dresses. Room after room of the most magnificent gowns.

Then lunch nearby at Franco Manca (which suited our varied dietary requirements). Not convinced about the vegan mozzarella tho’.

Returned to see the Mary Quant. We were all madly disappointed. 3rd rate compared to the Dior. Most of the clothes were dull and dowdy and didn’t reflect our memories of Mary Quant and the swinging 60s, or the fun and quirky Mary Quant’s some of us loved (I was a Biba fan). The presentation was poor too. I was distracted by the two leggy girls on some of my photos. They were videoing each other doing commentaries, perhaps for a blog!

Then Mr B came to meet us (he went for a long walk instead, doesn’t do museums etc)

My 3 extra are of a) one of the leggy girls, b) a Dior Collage, c) a Mary Quant Collage. The main feature had be this ‘headress’ from the Dior. I couldn't choose just one or two photos for the extras, so you’ve got all of them.

Arriving into Bournemouth station shory (due 20:34, running a few mins late). Tired, thirsty and hungry. Can’t wait to heat up Mr B’s minestrone.

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