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Church this morning followed by our monthly congregational lunch. It's always good to sit and chat with people I might not otherwise have time to speak to.
We have a very productive church garden, of which this is just part. It looks amazing just now thanks to the work of a small team and is all ready to go - it will be unrecognisable in a couple of months. At the moment there is rhubarb on the right, otherwise the beds are all ready for planting.
Walked to and from church then drove over to A's to pick up the animals while their house had open viewing. 5 groups of viewers came over the two hour period which considering the foul weather was pretty good I think. We also had K and the girls over the afternoon, E thoroughly enjoyed exploring the dolls house, as had I last week, so that was a success.
A came over for the animals and I popped out for a walk to Craigleith where I picked up a cardigan which was just the colour I wanted to go with my new skirt.
Back home for a light yes then watched the first in the Egyptian archeology series on channel 4 just now. Most enjoyable, it's always good when you learn something new in the first minutes of a programme, encourages you to keep watching. I do hate the tell them what you told them last time, tell them what you're going to tell them and tell them what you've told them style of presentation though, I had to keep biting my tongue!
14000 steps today, 4/4

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