An Impromptu Nose Job

Poor Mr. W -- he's been away in West Virginia since Thursday, at Summit Point racetrack.  Yesterday during the first of two scheduled races, he missed the apex of a turn, and the next thing he knew, he'd smashed headlong into the tire wall.  The impact was so hard that he broke his steering wheel, and the entire nose of his car flew off into the weeds.  I'm really really glad I wasn't there to witness that.  Thankfully he is okay -- his lower back is very stiff and sore, but other than a few bruises on his hands, he appears to be fine.  I can't believe he didn't break his wrists after looking at the damage to his steering wheel.  He drove 8 hours back to Boston after that wreck.  Unbelievable.

Credit goes to Bill Shields for these photographs -- a fellow racer who was at the track.

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