The Old Forge (Monday 8th April 2019)

I noticed some rather striking dandelions on the driveway yesterday and earmarked them for today's blip, when I would be at home, but they weren't displaying nearly as well this afternoon, so my attention turned to this clump of driveway borage, a very versatile plant for salads and decoration, and my first submission to Miranda1008's wildflower challenge of the year - thank you Miranda.

8.4.2019 (1900 hr)

Blip #2890 (#2640 + 250 archived blips taken 27.8.1960-18.3.2010)
Consecutive Blip #011
Blips/Extras In 2019 #67/265 + #030/100 Extras
Day #3300 (670 gaps from 26.3.2010)
LOTD #2032 (#1873 + 159 in archived blips)

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Taken with Pentax KS-1 (Blue) and Pentax smc P-DA* 55mm F1.4 SDM lens

Lozarithm Of The Day:
Chet Baker and Russ Freeman Quartet - Love Nest  (recorded 6 November 1956, Los Angeles CA)
Originally written by Otto Harbach and Louis Hirsch for the musical Mary in 1920, but popularised by Frankie Carle in 1941. I played the album this comes from this morning.

One Year Ago:
Seend Cleeve

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