By Stuart9613


Butterflies in the Prop House today.So nice to see them on the nursery.

A very busy day on the nursery and three large orders out and delivered.Managed to get to Ormskirk as well.The nursery has just been full on so I am struggling for something to say or even moan about.

Books.Reading Love of Country which is about the Hebrides.I have always loved motorcycling in Scotland especially the ferry trips between the islands with the motorbike.A strange pleasure.Reading an article in one of the motorcycle magazine today it said that Moto Guzzi's are for romantics and poets.Fair comment.Sums me up really. :-)Looking forward to a long bike trip.

I like this. Still Corners The Trip.Why don't we get this sort of thing on the radio.

Nice day.Warm,dry and sunny.Down to about 5C tonight.

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