Spacey Pics

By Stacebob

Wrasslin' Mania

Hooooooo boy, am I tired. Rich & I got home at about 6:45 this morning, after a great night out at Walkabout for WrestleMania. The show was waaaaay better than last year and we had so much fun; Rich's buddy Jimmy even won the costume contest as Kofi Kingston! (I still think part of that win was due to the pancakes he was throwing into the crowd!) Rich took this photo of us at about 1am, so I pinched it for Blip as I only took one fairly terrible photo of our table waving glow sticks around during D-Generation X's Hall of Fame moment.

We got up just after 1pm, and Duncan popped round this evening for a podcast recording. I'm not sure how well it'll turn out because Rich and I were a bit doolally! Still, twas a lot of fun, but boy am I glad Duncan was able to come over earlier than usual, because I am so ready for a proper nights sleep!

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