By theBroon

Seal Hello Wave Goodbye!

Soft Cell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (1981)

Is there anything better than looking out of your hotel window and watching seals waving to wish you a good morning............. and sometimes a heron too!

Our stay in Blackwaterfoot coincided with that of a group of Twitchers from North Yorkshire. Clad in camouflage gear, carrying scopes and cameras they looked more like the SAS Geriatric Squadron than wildlife enthusiasts.

On Sunday evening they rounded their trip with an award ceremony.

Best Bird of the Weekend went to the very popular Madge Clitheroe.

Top Cock was a much closer affair with Harold Higgenbottom's entry just rising above the rest!

Extra 1 - Sealed with a kiss!
Extra 2 - SAS Geriatric Squadron

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