A day in the life

By Shelling


A month ago I published a blip showing a detail from a farmers tool, a ring roller, used to flatten the top of the field and to let the air into the soil before you sow whatever it is you're growing there. If you missed that blip you'll find it here.

Spring has come a bit on its way now, it's dry enough to be able to drive around with heavy tractors on the fields and yesterday it was time to roll them out, the rings. Two tractors was at it the whole day on several fields, they kept on even after dark, using their front lights on their machines. They finished around 21:30 at night. 

Today we see the evidence of all their labour, this is what it looks like when the rings has done their work. I wouldn't mind having a drone today because I really would like to see it from above. I stood on my toes and took several pictures of the field. A true work of art -a farmers thumbprint.  

By the way, the thumbnail shows the house I'm renting.

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