Meet William

Or maybe it's Claudia.

I had a wonderful afternoon with Barb (Walking Wombat), Catherine and their family visiting a wonderful family and their menagerie.
All interesting in their own way, and artistic, it's the mother who runs a sanctuary for native animals, particularly wombats.
When not caring for animals Anna creates charming and whimsical ceramic works.
The aim, of course, is that the animals return to the wild.
Initially these orphans are treated as babies, but in time they are moved into different areas, until eventually they are moved into an area with an open gate, and at a time of their choosing, leave the sanctuary for good.

It was planned that we would arrive at wombat lunch time, and the grandchildren settled into the couch and bottle fed William and Claudia.
Everybody was very happy:))

I have no permission, so no photos of the gorgeous girls.

I have added a couple of extras, the first of Barb and Catherine with Kooroo, a four month old kangaroo who has survived a car accident, and is thriving, and the second of Barb and William, or maybe it's Claudia:))

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