By misswinterfinch

Checkered Lilies

I have been enjoying the Fritillaria or Snakehead lilies on other blip journal pages. When I saw the fabulous Wild Wednesday blip from ExtraTime today I just longed for some of these lilies myself. They naturalize and go "wild" if left alone.
The bulbs are to be planted in the autumn for spring flowering. I miss the planting time each year.
But today when I went to the market, I saw  Spring Bulbs on a display stand. And boxes of the Checkered Lilies were available.
So, they will be planted this week under a tree with hopes for their appearance in Spring 2020.
The box is sitting on wet seed starting soil I have 7 different flower varieties that I will start indoors. The plan is that in 4 to 6 weeks seedings will be ready to brave life outdoors. It feels like a typical March here this week. Yesterday was mild and windy-- great for pruning and clearing up. And today no one wants to go out in the cold, even the cats.
Changeable by the hour kind of weather.
Rumour has it that s**w will appear again in a few days. I hope not because all my different crocus flowers may get flattened.                                                                                 

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