By MstrWWR

St. Andrews Cathedral

Not Blipped in a very long time. Things just spirelled well out of control. No sleep, constant pain, anxiety on the rise and migraines. Things were, still are (to an extent) depressing... Still fighting with everything. But thankfully my sister and dad are supporting me.

So I'm up here (up North, in Scotland) bouncing around between Dundee and St. Andrews. Visiting family. Thus far it's been absolutely lovely. Just grabbing coffee, alot of reading, seeing the sights and attempting to gain some form serenity, before heading back to uni.

Will attempt to Blip more, as it's great fun finding the right photograph of the day, and it's such a great community.

Anyhow hope anyone reading this is having a fab year so far! Look forward to catching up with every photograph ☺️

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