In the Sunshine

After a busy morning going with Dad for his appointment at the hospital we picked up Mum & Georgia from the flat and headed out for a late lunch to a Toby Carvery. We had a lovely meal, headed back to Mum & Dads, had a coffee and then left to make our way home. The traffic was so bad around Hampton Court that we popped into Bushy Park and had a wander around the pond whilst we let the traffic die down; far better than cramped up in a car in traffic.

 Its all very calm in the park right now. The heron was the perfect statue (in extras), fish were leaping in the adjoining stream, the parakeets made the only sound squawking to each other, whilst the deer rested soaking up the sunshine. It is at this time of year when the Red Deer stag shed their antlers. You can see the new ones sprouting; it won't be long before this stag will be boldly showing off his new antlers!

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