Those feathers have to be kept in good order if you are going to stay warm and dry. And you have to look your best in the spring too.
Today the car had its first MOT. It passed without comment, as we expected and hoped.  Then it was off to that well-known Swedish furniture store to buy a couple of smaller versions of the Kallax shelves we put up yesterday. We were impressed with them! Sometimes you get lucky and in the bargain section of the store we found exactly the version of Kallax we wanted. It was already assembled (demo model) and 25% cheaper, brilliant, and it just fit into the car!
We were also looking at kitchens but this is just an early stage of that process. When we moved in to our house 32 years ago, people assumed we'd put in a new kitchen, and now maybe we will.
Anyway, a picture of a swan on an ice-floe is more interesting than a picture of a showroom kitchen so my blip chioces were easy today.

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