By Doyley22


.....between our local AFL teams, West Coast Eagles v Fremantle Dockers tonight - in one hour to be precise.
Those of us in the West call it the derby, those in the East call it the derby (dar-by).  The game is like a grand final between the teams.
This house is along 'the path' that I often walk or ride to catch a photo for blip.  They've always had two sheep and a blue heeler dog and we are all fascinated as to what they might be up to - they're often dressed for special occasions, ie Christmas, Easter and today, the derby.  You'd need to be a weightlifter to lift them......not!   Is that a tea cosy on the sheep.
Anyhow, I'm sure this is enough for Silly Saturday - thanks, admirer.
I want to see a close game and there be no injuries.  
Go the Eagles!!

Thank you for the love given to the lavender and bees yesterday - most appreciated.  

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