Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto


We went into Cambridge today as we were meeting some friends during the afternoon. We had the usual Costa coffee stop as well as lunch. I also bought some new “trainer” socks as I only have long ones, which look daft when you wear cropped trousers or shorts. I also visited the “Hotter” shop to purchase the sandals I saw last week. They did not have my size, but I ordered them and they will be delivered to my home although, it might take a week or two. I might blip them when they arrive.
Today’s picture is of two bicycles abandoned in Cambridge. They are ones that you can hire I think and then you leave them once you have finished with them. Someone else comes along, hires them and takes them elsewhere.

Although sunny in Cambridge, there were a few drops of rain during the afternoon. The temperature rose to eight degrees Celsius at noon.

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