By Terrifo


The first of the columbines to flower this year. The day day started with a walk into Town to get the new line for the strimmer. It wasn't until I was out onto the main road down that I realised how cold the wind was. So hurried down to B&Q bought the line, and caught a bus back up to stay out of the chill a bit longer. 

After lunch wrapped up and went out into the garden to do some more tidying up. Had a bit of company of a Robin who was interested in what I might dig up. It must have young as it already had a beak full of bugs. It kept on popping back and I did get some meal worms as an addition for it.  Where I was working was quite sheltered from the wind, but moving to another part of the garden it had really increased, and the grey clouds had come in. So after 2 hours outside took  a quick shot and retreated to the warmth of indoors.

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