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By Chamaeleo

WWT London: End of an Escape

A fairer cop in large.
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My mother and I went to the Wetland Centre; on arrival, we noticed that the emperor geese (and their nēnē friend) weren't in their usual enclosure with the (other) tundra geese... We later found them all in the nēnē enclosure with the other three nēnēs (in the right place, for a change).
A staff member released them from the nēnē enclosure and my mother walked them back to their usual habitat, only for a less informed WWT volunteer to turn them back, sticking (presumably) to his rule of not allowing any birds through any gates. *sigh*
It was nice to spend some time with them as they explored (excitedly), and got themselves into sticky situations: turns out that the emperors don't like bridges (getting nervy and in a flap when crossing the wooden planks), but do like bamboo, except when they get stuck in tight spots between the stems... I suspect that it was the escapologist nēnē that led the innocent emperors astray (they do follow it around, and nēnēs are wont to escape), but who knows.

In other WWT news, the other three nēnēs were just grazing in their enclosure, so it seems that there aren't any nēnēlings as the female's off the nest with no sign of any young.

Others here (or right from Goldeneye (m) flapping)

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