Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Collapse of stout party ...

The sun was shining. It was too chilly to potter in the garden, too seductively bright to lurk indoors. The foot that I strained/sprained (jolly painful anyway) didn't feel too bad when I started out, but by the time I'd walked up the Glen Massan road for a mile or so it was screaming at every step. Luckily there was a pleasantly mossy tree stump ...

And that's as far as I got. While Mr PB marched off down the road for the car, I sat in the sun, out of the wind, on this dry, warm cushion of moss. I took this photo; I made a live video and answered the comments of my online audience. No cars passed; birds sang, the burn in front of me gurgled gently. 

Until a car did pass .... Come back! - and Mr PB almost drove on and left me in my lurking place, quite unseen. He didn't, of course, as I got up and yelled. But it was a good place to sit, and I was strangely content.

Foot's still sore, though. And it's going to have to wait till after the coming week, for as a current Facebook gag says, "We're into the little-known season of the church year known as 'I'll see to that after next week".

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