Our Photography club had an outing this morning photographing the lanes and alleys of the city. It was quite an eye opener as we (Doyley22 and I)met the others around King and Queen Streets where all the designer stores are. Gucci, Prada, Tiffanys, Rolex - you name it they are there.

My main image intrigued me as the little monster to the left of the image appears to be munching the leaves on the pot plant ;-)

 I was blown away at the grunge in the alleys (especially the stink of urine!)
Some of the alleys are fascinating with wall art by some pretty good artists.  One of whom is Stormie Mills

It was extremely humid to begin but then we were lucky enough to have a shower of rain to provide another interest to the images :-)

I have added a few more in extras because I found it difficult to choose just one. I'd love to know your favourite.................

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