Anatole's blips

By anatolebeams

Evening on Rannoch

The long drive north today, made even longer by having to take a detour from Loch Lomond out to Inverary and almost up to Oban. Some unfortunate soul had come a cropper on the bendy section of the A82 and it was closed to all traffic. 

And ... the traffic today on the motorways was definitely in silly season. Crazy super cars on the M40, play racing. Yellow Lambo's running three abreast to slow the dense traffic down and create an open race-track in front. You really wonder if the amount of money you have equates with your lack of brain cells?

Up here where there is some space, the stress is suddenly lifted. Big hills are a-beckoning as soon as the wind drops. We will be just shaking out the legs today I think and testing out the bikes.

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