A Daily Dose

By suejay50

Magnolia Stellata

It e been another cold day; the wind is icy and although we were 'promised' the hint of sunshine this afternoon it did not appear.  Went for a quick step gathering stroll at Arlington Court - lots of 'fresh air' - before heading home for a cuppa.  There was an Easter egg hunt on with a trail laid out for the little ones to follow, collect stamps and then get their reward at the end.  There was also a re-enactment of the final days of Jesus so a little donkey was present - extra - such a cutie.  We saw several Jacob's sheep lambs too and were introduced to Clarissa a lamb that is being hand reared due to her Mum not having any milk.  She had three lambs and no milk. So they are being hand reared. Hard work for the farmers.

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