Fifteenth week.

I've been working everyday from Monday to Thursday so I've done nothing else those days.

On Friday we went to a child fair with my friend. Fun day shopping and spending time together.

Saturday we went shopping with my son. He saw an ladybug costume in one shop and wanted to buy it. And I bought because it costed only few euros. At home he wanted to wear it. The costume included a skirt, head collar and wings. When I bought it I thought I will give thr skirt to friends girl but my son wanted to wear it... :D so I let him play a ladybug role with the skirt on. I painted his face red and black dots on.

Then in the evening suddenly he was not looking good, he seemed to be sick. I measured the fever and it was 38.5C.. he was really tired.

Today he has been sick and slept the whole day. He has never been this sick before. He has the same fever now that he had yesterday.. :(

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