To Be a Machine

We went into Edinburgh this afternoon to see the current exhibition To Be a Machine at the Gallery of Modern Art.
Both Andy Warhol and Eduardo Paolozzi were fascinated by machines, way ahead of their times, so I was curious to see this current exhibition. They had similar backgrounds though one was American and the other Scottish. 

It is interesting more from the historical perspective than what they foretold of the future for neither envisaged artificial intelligence, or social media.

They wanted to be like a machine. Well, that dream is closer than they would ever have suspected, but not in the way they imagined.

I was fortunate enough to have done a masterclass with Paolozzi back in 1996, an experience I recorded in a daily diary (his suggestion to all students at the start of the 10 day course),
This subsequently got published Paolozzi Revealed.
See extra photos for (a) the inside of Paolozzo's studio- he slept with his work and (b) one of his sculptures.
  Not sure why the link doesn't work but if you are interested this is it:

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