By Artyfartyannie

Lego Book

a present from his father from the original Land of Lego.......Denmark of course. It has had a big resurgence so there will be no excuses for not being able to build your Ikea or any other furniture any more.

Today we travelled back from our Mini holiday into Englandshire, a small province attached to Scotland ..............Ooops that's the end of friendships from the rest of the UK I guess........never mind I have the Welsh and the Irish left.............as well as Brexit. No all is forgiven England for the past wars, evidence of which we visualised in terms of huge gates and wall to keep the Scottish in and the English keeping to their own ground. The Borders between Scotland and England are complete with castles and walls from back in the day you understand. Well that speech was not planned..........it just came out like so. The Scots like to joust with the English and vice versa but no harm intended. We came home via a small visitation to my brothers house and my daughters house. 

First thing in the door and I searched for plant survivors from the keen frost. A few were affected and not what I thought. I think all will live eventually. The cold weather is a bit brutal and will last till Wed. Will just have to make do till then.

Nuf said...........

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