One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Another day for not swimming...

But we caught up with the cousins for another bracing walk on the pier.
Two bracing walks actually. 
The west pier in the morning, jus the five of us. Freezing.
And then Californian cousin Anna made contact with us and we headed for an afternoon East Pier walk. The kids were overwhelmed... No, actually, they were a lot happier to go for the second walk, as they were going to meet their exotic cousins, rather than just their boring parents. 
Then it was back home for a roast of ham and two mashes (with homemade parsley sauce) while Mimi and Mrs Raheny watched Sherlock. 
After dinner, a fire was lit. And I put on Inside the Repair Factory, where Papa works. But it rapidly got too much for Mimi who is not too keen on the sight of blood, let alone open heart surgeries. 

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