Up fairly early despite the late night and we were all ready to set off north in time. We dropped A’s car off in a no-permit area and headed to Comrie to see the first wedding venue...a kind of converted farm with woodland and teepees scattered around. A really liked it - think N thought the accommodation was a bit basic - but it was good to finally see a place rather than just browse web sites. AR was happy playing with stones and found a fossil (we think) as well as constantly asking ‘why?’ at every opportunity (extra)!
We finished there and headed into Dunkeld for some lunch and a wander, then round to the Hermitage (this little route is a well worn one at the moment for us!) where AR was very keen to help hammer coins into the various tree trunks that we passed, stamping in every puddle and running through the mounds of leaves. We had a lovely walk (extra), and then got into the car to head to Crieff which let her have a little sleep.
When we arrived at the hydro (gracious the place is huge - and full of families!) we settled into our rooms then had a wander round and found the soft play area and the pool (AR desperate to go swimming!) and the ballroom with games and dancing for the children. She was so funny navigating her social space - you could see her working out which girl looked about her age then making a bee line for her, smiling, holding hands and ‘making’ a friend (poor other child had no choice!).
We had pizza for supper and AR got a huge chocolate mousse for pud...all very delicious, then she and I headed for bed leaving A&N to go to the adult only bar for a few civilised drinks!
Backblipping because we didn’t have good enough WiFi to upload

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