Robin at large

By Robin

The Friday Walk

We set out for our Friday walk and as usual one of us is lagging behind. I would say it is usually Cosmo who holds us up while she investigates an interesting pice of ground, but which to me seems quite unexceptional. On this occasion it is me delaying us as I pause for a photograph. Cosmo gives me a patient look while she wonders how long I am going to be.

There was a little dampness in the air as we set out. In case it rained I told Cosmo that as she is a bit fluffy at the moment she would have to put on her raincoat. She was not very keen to wear her coat, but she acquiesced a little reluctantly. The coat is probably uncomfortable for her to wear when her hair is long.

We are due for a visit from the hairdresser in a couple of weeks. Luckily Cosmo is unaware of this as she does not enjoy getting her haircut.

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