By misswinterfinch

Beware the Ides of April!

There were several other darling crocus clumps I planned to blip but alas, we had a monumental storm during the night and they are all squashed!
This is the same storm that brought snow, rain, and tornadoes to the midwest.
This morning my friend told me we had a tornado watch for Oxford! News to me and a rarity here.
It was a violent thunder and lightning storm with buckets of water.
The blip today is of the northeast side of my garden which is usually a minor bog. It is rather unpassable right now. No flowers to view today.
In the background, the pussy willows are starting to throw off their fur coats and bloom. The reddish bush in front is a black pussy willow with red stems. There are four of them in that area but deer have pruned two for me. Perhaps I will take an indoor photo of some of the black catkins from this bush. A rare, different pussy willow type like black cats!

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