By Kipsie

Izzie whizzie lets get busy

Got lots done today .........

Bitterly cold wind great for getting the washing dry, well, wrapped around the line actually, but eventually dry.
The greenhouse was the perfect place to crack on with some jobs. Cuttings potted  on, discarding the pieces that did'nt take, making room in the greenhouse for the trays of veg seed. Broad bean, runner bean, dwarf French bean, butter bean, sweetcorn, whole baby corn, butternut squash, pumpkin 'Jack o Lantern', plus a few pots of nasturtium seeds that I collected from a neighbour's allotment plot. More seed to get going but not for a couple of weeks by which time the soil on the plot should have warmed up a bit. Seed potatoes to go in as soon as Jim has rotivated, onion sets, beetroot, spring onion where I can fit them in. Need to do a bit of reading up so that I try to rotate the crops while making sure the crops that need full sun get it. There is a huge oak tree in the hedgerow that throws shade over much of my plot for part of the day.
Stew day today .. plus a batch of lamb & veggie curries made and portioned for the freezer. Fodder for hubby while I'm away.
Raining now, but hopefully it will have cleared by morning as we've got an open day at the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust.
See ya!

Thanks to Tryfan46 for hosting

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