simple moments

By simplemoments



on the petals - of a lily - yes, in pink - was there any other option - i love lilies for a variety - of reasons and then some - they tend to be rather - long lasting in a vase - so can be an easy choice - at the market and are fairly inexpensive - they have the most fabulous aroma - and will fill your home with - a pleasing scent, unless you - happen to be averse to fragrances - it took me awhile to build up a tolerance - due to my headache triggers - but it’s so worth it

plus i haven’t even mentioned - how gorgeous they are - just to look at - every time you glance at them - you can see something new - and wonderful in their petals - the color striations - how the petals themselves are formed - they are a wonder of nature - which brings me such delight - and in turn leads of course to...


happy day.....

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