Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Eastern Bluebird

This guy again! I think I saw his wife checking out a birdhouse that we happen to have sitting at the top of a bunch of shelves outside our toolshed/woodshed. Most of the shelves have pots on them, but one or the other of us (who remembers?) apparently put a birdhouse, maybe even a proper bluebird house, on the top shelf at some point, having found it (?) and had nowhere at that moment else to stash it, and no thoughts about where to actually officially *put* it. Anyway - it isn't nailed to anything, but given that the outrageous wind we had last night didn't blow it off, it's probably secure enough. My biggest concern, if they do actually nest there, would be black snakes. But I guess we'll see what happens!

Oh! I just looked at a photo I took of the house on the shelf where it is now, and it looks like it actually is the bluebird house that we had nailed to a tree years and years ago, and then took down after it had been unoccupied for ages. We originally put it up when we moved in here, hoping for bluebirds - and I think we had a pair in it one or two years - and then the snakes found it and the bluebirds decided it wasn't a good spot anymore. I don't remember when we took it off the tree, but I guess that's where we put it. Funny that they would discover it. But hey, it has the proper sized hole for them, so...

I'll put the shot of the house where it is now in the extras.

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