What Do I See

By MatthewHicks

Lift Off...

Almost as we left Kennedy late yesterday evening they announced that they would try again for a launch the following day.

We left late and got there with a few hours to go. The weather looked better, and all the social media chatter indicated it was looking good. The 2 hour launch window had the launch scheduled for the start, 6.35pm. Everything went like clockwork and they launched the rocket bang on the opening of the window. An amazing sight to witness, the first commerical launch of the Falcon Heavy, the 30 seconds or so it takes for the sound to reach you (as we were viewing from some 7 miles away). To witness the return of the boosters back to earth safely less than 8 minutes later. The sonic boom as the returned, the lighting up in the sky as their boosters fired to slow them down before touching down in synchro. Just stunning. And all done, into space in around 12 minutes.

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