An interesting addition

On Sunday S and I arranged for Elite to take back the exercycle we were hiring from them to help with her knee. It was neither something that she found to be a satisfying form of exercise, nor was it particularly effective in strengthening her knee stability. 

It went back in the truck that had brought this. It is something that both of us will use, and will we hope give the knee what it needs. It was apparently designed to be for people in apartments, with limited space. I will try it out soon, but not tonight.

Not tonight because we had an emergency meeting of the Body Corporate for the apartment building. This building was built at a time when New Zealand building regulations had been deliberately weakened by the conservative leaning party, which resulted in leaky buildings, and other major issues. Our building is a risk to passers by because the balustrades around the decks were poorly fixed, and one pane of glass fell during a violent storm a year ago. All have to be replaced.

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