Tiny ........

 .......... Tuesday203  (TT203)

Thanks to dfb24 (Diane) for hosting with the optional theme of "Magical".

To me ladybirds are not magical as they can give you a nasty nip (I've been "got" more than once) and some of the foreign ones, now invading the UK, also carry some not-very-pleasant diseases - however nature is pretty magical when you think that the outer "casing" of ladybirds hide these very long wings and the stripey body that you can just see in my photo.

Better detail in the gallery view ...

As I went to photograph it this morning it started to open its wing covers (elytron) and the inner stripey body started to roll and wriggle and one long wing popped out - it was both fascinating and a little disturbing at the same time - almost like it was digesting something.

I'd hoped for a flight shot but happy with what I did get.

~ Anni ~

My offering for MonoMonday yesterday was ............ an eggbox ............  woohoo, how exciting - not!!   Lol

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