By HeidiHH



Today we saw the vet with Nelson. He had his examination and his blood was sent to another lab to get more information. So far all looks good. If the other lab results are normal too, we can assume that Nelson's peeing problems are just due to old age. That's most likely the best outcome. We'll have to wait about a week or bit more due to Semana Santa.

My shoulder is getting to be so much better. Could be due to medication too. I finally slept so good last night.

I took a walk around the Clot myself and saw some flamingos in the distance and one quite handsome lizard. No snakes luckily. At the very beginning of my walk I saw something rush into the bushes as I approached, but it could have been a cat. It just really startled me and I was on the look out for snakes all the way. Nearly turned around because it felt so nasty walking on some narrow paths.

At the moment it seems that some rain will start to fall early Thursday. We'll see. Need to enjoy the last nice day before Easter tomorrow!

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