Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

The stairs

Today I nailed up a heap of pictures in the hall. There are dozens more to be fair, but I felt this might be enough. Or maybe not. Anyhow, they are up. And the portrait of my love as a little lad is also up there. Along with the spiders that our dandelion light makes.

There's a curtain to put across the door to the alcove, when someone is sleeping there. It's a little more private, but more importantly it will keep the light out. Quite an issue in the summer here.

There are almost no little jobs left to do upstairs, we are getting there! I filed the clothes into the shelves, neatly folded and colour coded. Roll over Marie Kondo! You can see them in the extra, should you feel the need of colour-coded inspiration.

At least I've been outside a little today, as I put washing in and the machine is in the cellar which is only accessible from the outside. But that was it to be honest. I'll have to make more of an effort tomorrow or I'll turn blue-white from lack of sun. 

I worked on a text for several hours, and I made my collage as well, but I did the language work first. So disciplined. Almost Lutheran. 

Sad to see Notre Dame falling in the flames, I wondered if it was caused by renovation work in some way, it's often the case with old buildings that are being worked on... Then Keith read a piece in the Guardian saying just that. 

I listened to a really interesting podcast yesterday, by Dr Matthew Walker
all about sleep and how it affects just about everything. It's over 2 hours but I was fascinated.Here it is. Probably coincidentally I slept really well, I think the massively effective cardboard blackout helped. It gets light so early now, and without the blackout I ping awake when the sun rises.

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