She slept well but pinged awake at 7am again, so we had another big breakfast then headed back to the pool...this time with the much coveted goggles....and A came too.
After we’d packed up the car we set off home and stopped on the way at Deep Sea World in North Queensferry. Not quite as good as Monterey Aquarium (!) but AR enjoyed it....although a bit worried by all the sharks swimming around us as we went through the tunnel as if underwater. Lots of questions about sharks and their relationship to dinosaurs...!
Home and took a walk to see The Hub and New College as possible venues (no on both counts) then back via City Cafe for nachos and other junk food treats and a game of pool (AR thrilled to ‘win’).
Home finally and settled down to watch Finding Nemo...her first ever full length film. She loved it - especially since she’d seen all the fish and turtles at the aquarium earlier - but there were lots of questions about why Nemo was in the tank, why his daddy couldn’t find him etc etc etc
We watched (or rather snoozed through!) a mystery film after AR had gone to bed, with a big sharing platter of nibbles.
Another fun day

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