Salvage from the Wreckage

By NickMogToo

There ain’t no party

Like an educational IT conference party.

Up early for breakfast - addressing the missed dinner issue!
Then a day of IT conference.
Queue for lunch so went for a walk - finding Piccadilly Records on my doorstep! Back to find the queues had gone but so had the food. Some ham sandwiches left.

In the evening there was a conference party at a nearby hipster bar.

Surprisingly good.

The band played 90s music on brass instruments. Niche! Great drummer.

A lady acrobat in a hanging hoop.

Three chimpanzees in the crowd. Or, possibly, out of work actors...

The food was good. Well, it looked good. But it ran out. Sigh.

We had to make an emergency run to a local eaterie called McDonalds.

I wanna be like Common People.

Free bar though!

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