Craig's Journal

By Fishingplus

Patiently waiting

The morning light was great today. Just easing myself back into things, so a hike around Windmill Park after walking the dog to see what the morning light reveals. I will post a couple photos in the extras today from this walk, that I also like. I am now processing all my photos in Capture One, and really like how it works, and believe it to be an improvement over Lightroom. I also purchased some style settings from Mastin Labs, who specialize in what they describe as hybrid photos - digital photos processed to look like they were taken with film. This photo is one of those, Let me know if you like it - I believe it is supposed to resemble Kodak Gold 200. I confess I do like the film look - I also added a subtle amount of grain, which I also find makes the photo a bit more nostalgic and film-like.

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