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Beggars Bridge, Glaisdale

I love old bridges like this one
The History says this
"Beggar's Bridge was built in 1619 by Tom Ferris, a wealthy merchant who
became Sheriff of Hull in 1614 and Mayor in 1620. Legend has it that he
was originally the son of a poor Egton farmer and loved Agnes Richardson,
daughter of a squire across the River Esk in Glaisdale. Ferris was
rejected as a suitor and denounced as a beggar by the squire. He thus
resolved to go to sea to seek his fortune, but was prevented from saying
good-bye to Agnes by floods making the river impassable. After making his
fortune in the Caribbean, Ferris returned to marry Agnes and built a
bridge to help future lovers. Beggar's Bridge may incorporate stonework
from a 14th century bridge that had collapsed by 1577.

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