Dartmoor - What Could Be More Natural?

Well, I'm sure there's lots there to debate. Man has had an effect on the moor since he first settled here 4,000 years ago with deforestation, agriculture and mining. What about the native fauna? The romans brought rabbits to the country, Dartmoor ponies wandered across from central Asia, (a bit before we broke away from the main European landmass admittedly). Whether things naturally belong or whether they have been brought in doesn't matter much, they're here now and they're staying.

This lovely scene above would have been a hive of noisy activity 200 years ago. Many of the classical buildings in the City of London were built of granite cut out of this part of the landscape. Now it's a little haven for wildlife with falcons, skylarks, meadow pipits, stonechats, wheatear and Dartford warblers. Fritillary butterflies including small pearl bordered, dark green, silver washed and the rare high brown fritillaries. Water lilies grow in the pond and common lizards can be seen basking in the early morning sunshine.

It might not be 100% natural but it is beautifully naturalized. There's an extra which shows a bit more of the old mining equipment. The theme for Wideangle Wednesday (hosted by BobsBlips) is Nature or Natural.

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