Desperately seeking

By clickychick

Thoughts Of Paris

As we woke up to the devastating news this morning of the fire in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris my thought went back to the day in 1971 when our church was also destroyed by fire. Just as Notre Dame had a  dominant position above the Seine, our Parish Church of St. Nicholas had pride of place in the centre of Whitehaven.

I thought of my mum, and our efforts to try and save the contents which had been soaked by the gallons of water from the fire hoses. We fully believed our church would be restored. It never was. Only the unaffected tower remains. A fraction of its former glory.

And so, my mum's favourite perfume, from Paris, seems an appropriate blip for today. I'd been using it at the studio to discuss product photography, lighting and reflections and how it had to be painstakingly set up correctly. Forgive this quick shot!

Thoughts are with the people of France as the cope with the loss of this sacred building just before a major Christian celebration..

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