By DrSandy


Teddy and Squiddy being "disciplined" by Caitlyn.

I don't have much of a relationship with these two "farm" dogs.  Okay, they live on the farm, but these two, are certified pooches.

But, I did feel a little sorry for Squiddy.  That face says it all. 

Let's face it, when you're small and a little gullible, your steps can be easily ordered.  

This is precisely what happened to me, today.

I was the small (hopefully not too gullible), being directed, by the BIG. 

In my case, the BIG was a MOERSE big storm .   It seemed to come out of nowhere, around 3.15 pm.  

The sky turned pitch black...............

I decided to try and outrun it i.e. bugger the official home time.  If I waited to 4 pm, I would be wet, wet, wet.  

It was a mad dash, to the car, dodging enormous rain drops. 

The run was made all the more challenging, by the fact that Kadie was not keen,  to leave, the warm cozy office. 

Yes, the REAL farm dog, does not like getting wet.

And just to clarify - we  weren't actually getting wet.  It was spotting, not pouring.  WE did make it to the car, moments before the heavens opened and it POURED.

I drove back to Springs - IN THE RAIN.

Eish !  I really do not like driving in the rain.  But the trip was not as horrible and it might have been.  The just acquired new windscreen wipers, helped a lot.

En route home, I received a Whatsup from Adelaine. 

Posted as an extra.

The woof I left in the office, decided she needed something soft to weather the storm on.   

Mmmm.......... this might be the woof that needed a little disciplining.  But who could discipline such a cutie pie ?  

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