By davidc

The 3 Amigos go to Otterburn Army Ranges!

I mentioned yesterday that the Amigos were going to come with me on a camera club trip today. Well, the trip was to the Otterburn Ranges, out in the wilds of Northumberland where the army has several square miles of uninhabited open moorland for soldiers to undertake military exercises. (I should assure you that no exercises were going on today: indeed we were chaperoned round by 2 soldiers, although they did check every area we went to for unexploded shells and warned us not to pick up anything metal and shiny that we might come across...! )

The Amigos found all the old rusty tanks and other vehicles absolutely fascinating. They're all in a right state as they've all been used for target practice. In the main photo you can see the boys proudly posing on an old armoured car.

In the first extra you can see them pretending to steer the car, which reminded Trigger of the fun he had in my car last Friday. (Happily my car is in slightly better condition!) What about the second extra? Well although the boys were quite well behaved on the whole, Trigger decided at one point that he'd like to pretend to be fired out of the gun barrel of one of the tanks! Kelso had to bark at him for ages before he came down.

As you can see, we were really lucky with the weather which was sunny and warm - although dark clouds would have added to the sinister appearance of the vehicles.

I shall of course be tagging this blip for derelict Sunday, hosted by Marlieske.

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